Creating Custom 5e Spell Cards

I recently discovered an extension for Inkscape to easily create custom game counters, tokens, cards, and similar, that might require many copies with slight variations, or that might use a common format.

The method involves three elements:

  • Inkscape ( A professional quality free and open source vector graphics application.
  • Countersheet ( The extension for Inkscape that makes this whole thing possible.
  • Card Data Files: The card data files must be comma delimited text files (.CSV extension) formatted according to the the requirements of the Countersheet extension.

Information on how to use the Countersheet extension is located in the Countersheet wiki.

For convenience, and purposes of learning how to effectively use Inkscape and the Countersheet extension to create complex custom cards, I'm providing a zip file of my personal custom spell cards template and data file.

With regards to the Excel workbook, it consists of three spreadsheet tabs.

The third spreadsheet tab is the raw spell data; it is not formatted to interact properly with the Countersheet extension.

The second spreadsheet tab is the full spell database, formatted to work with the Countersheet extension along with the spell card template that goes with this workbook. If you wanted to print the entire set of spell cards, you could export this sheet to a CSV file.

The first spreadsheet tab is likely to be used most often; it is used to create a list of selected spells for creating cards of only those spells. You need only list the desired spells, and the rest of that spells starts will populate into the sheet automatically. Once you've created your list, you'd thenexport the sheet to CSV file.

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