Welcome to Big Hippie Hobbies!

Welcome to Big Hippie Hobbies, formerly (and still currently by domain name) Big Hippies Games.

Big Hippie Hobbies is the personal website of Leo M. Lalande. I use this site to organize and share various creations from some of the hobbies in which I participate. This site is a one man show; it's just me, Leo, behind the curtain. I'm the Big Hippie.

This website is still in a state of transition from it's original game focused incarnation. Content is still lacking from some sections; but hopefully, in time, the content will grow.



Added two recipes for Chocolate Rum Balls to the Kitchen - a Traditional Version and a Low Carb/Keto version.


Added Olebor - A System Independent Fantasy RPG Campaign Setting to the Game Table. It is still very much in its infancy and a work in progress; this is intentional. I intend to add to this setting as ideas come to me.


Added a recipe for Cured Sausage (Salami, and Pepperoni) to the Kitchen.

For older news, check the News Archive.

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