Tongue Tooth Archery - New Archery Equipment/Style for 5e

Tongue Tooth Archery is a style of archery developed long ago by elves; in elvish, the style is called 'Lammen nél'. This style of archery involves the use of short arrows shot from a longbow or shortbow using a long semi-tubular arrow cradle to overdraw the bow. This archery style launches the arrow with greater speed, providing the archer with significantly increased range without compromising accuracy.

The short arrows, colloquially called 'Short Tooth Arrows' in common, or 'Senté Nél Pilen' in elvish, are significantly lighter than standard arrows; and are more aerodynamically sound. As a result, they fly faster and farther than a standard arrow; yet, they remain as accurate as standard arrows. Their main shortcoming is that they cause less damage than standard arrows. Short tooth arrows are similar in length to crossbow bolts - approximately twelve to eighteen inches in length; but they are constructed in the same manner as standard arrows.

The Tongue Tooth archery style requires a device known in common as an 'Arrow Cradle' - it is called 'Pilen Léb' (Arrow Bed) or 'Paen Lammen' (Bow Tongue) in elvish. Without this device, the short arrows cannot effectively be shot from the bow. The arrow cradle is typically a long straight wooden strip having a cupped, or trough-like profile. At one end, the strip narrows, and a cord loop is attached thereto. Finely crafted arrow cradles are highly polished to minimize the friction between it and the arrow.

Although Tongue Tooth archery requires specialized arrows and an arrow cradle, there is no requirement for any special type of bow. The bows used with this style can be any common type of bow - shortbow or longbow. Although they are of similar length, short tooth arrows cannot be used as bolts in crossbows; their construction makes this unfeasible.

Tongue Tooth Archery Equipment Satistics

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Short Tooth Arrows (20) 1 gp see Bows below 1/2 lb. Requires arrow cradle.
Arrow Cradle 1 sp n/a 1/4 lb.
Shortbow (Tongue Tooth archery style) 25 gp 1d4 piercing 2 lb. Ammunition (range 110/400), two-handed
Longbow (Tongue Tooth archery style) 50 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Ammunition (range 200/720), heavy, two-handed
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