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The following projects are currently under development:

Keystone Crimewave

Keystone Crimewave Logo

The residents of Keystone can't decide who's the bigger menace, the crooks, or the cops!

Keystone Crimewave is a lighthearted game about clumsy crooks and cloddish cops and their attempts to pull off and prevent capricious capers.

Keystone Crimewave asks you, the player, how much misfortune you're willing to risk putting your character through in order to achieve a goal.

Play collaboratively as either crooks trying to pull off a spectacular caper, or as cops trying to catch a gang of crooks before they pull off a caper and skip town; or play competitively in teams of crooks and cops working to pull off or prevent a caper.

The first draft of Keystone Crimewave can be read here.

The Hangover

What did you do to deserve the hangover?

The Hangover is humorous game about waking up with no memory of what happened during a night of drinking and debauchery and trying to reconstruct the events to fix a resulting problem.

The Alpha draft of The Hangover was written for and submitted to the Little Game Chef 2010 game design competition, and features James Bond as the main character in need of reconstructing the events of a blackout.

The Hangover - Alpha Draft

Slow Burn

Slow Burn is a game about burned spies making a living helping people in delicate situations, while also working to get themselves off the blacklist.

Slow Burn's unplaytested first draft was submitted to Game Chef 2009. Work is in progress on a new version.

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A Game Chef 2010 Submission
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