The following projects are completed games, though revisions are possible from time to time:

Warm and Fuzzy

A Feel Good Story Game for the Whole Family

Warm and Fuzzy is a story game aimed at the whole family; especially for young kids and parents. With this game, you'll create short stories similar to those you might find in children's books.

Warm and Fuzzy is presented with a farm theme set to start with; but other theme sets may be presented in the future; and you you can even create your own theme sets.

The Forged Realms

A System Independant Fantasy Setting Project

The Forged Realms was originally a collaborative fantasy rpg setting project hosted on the now defunct Accidental Survivors Podcast wiki. Most of the original setting that was created was lost after the Accidental Survivors Podcast shut down their wiki.

As the architect of the original Forged Realms project, I have resurrected the Forged Realms project as a personal project.

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